URGENT !!! The Alberta Government Seeks to enforce MARTIAL LAW or Military Rule type legislation

URGENT !!! The Alberta Government Seeks to enforce MARTIAL LAW

or Military Rule type legislation

URGENT !!! RE” Alberta Government



What are our politicians up to? Please read below and let’s

see if we can stop this madness.

Pass this to our friends in Alberta. Below is an email list of news outlets, this needs to be stopped.

STOP THIS NOW!! Alberta is the final vestige of freedom in Canada. Read The AB act link and section 19. Please forward to ALL your AB list and your MLA or local candidate. Hide your food, animals and children…Stalin has arrived!
URGENT !!! The Alberta Government Seeks to enforce MARTIAL LAW or Military Rule type legislation….. Cardston County Bylaw #562 !!!! Take 2 minutes and READ MORE!! SCARY STUFF!!
You WILL HAVE A MAJOR IMPACT BY SIMPLY HITTING “REPLY TO ALL” and then Forwarding a second email to your friends and others BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!! Take literally less than 2 minutes and MAKE A MASSIVE IMPACT. We have done the organization and work… just move this email along… Read the instructions and info below.

Unknown to virtually all Albertans, Under the quietly created (Alberta Emergency Management Act), The Alberta Provincial Government has GRANTED THEMSELVES the POWER to do the following things to you and your family in the noble name of an “EMERGENCY” whatever that may or may not be deemed as.
Authorize the conscription of person(s)… (“Conscription” is legally defined as a “draft” for armed service)

Authorize the entry into any building or on any land, without warrant…

Control or prohibit travel to or from any area…

Acquire or utilize any real or personal property considered necessary… (Your food, fuel, vehicles, home , land etc.)

“Procure”…food, clothing, fuel, equipment…property, services, resources… (Anything and everything as well as FORCED LABOUR)

Section 17 (a) & (b) of the Alberta Emergency Management Act states:

Any person who: contravenes this Act or the regulations, or interferes with or obstructs any person in the exercise of any power or the performance of any duty conferred or imposed by this Act or the regulations, is guilty of an offence and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than one year. ( in other words… if you resist…. your going to prison)

Under the Act it also states that:

“Neither council nor any member of council, and no person appointed by council… is liable in respect of damage caused through any action taken under this bylaw, nor are they subject to any proceedings by prohibition, certiorari, mandamus or injunction.” ( Forget about suing them for damages…. you cant and you have no legal recourse under the ACT for the actions listed above)

If you want to view the ACT found on the Alberta Governments website to verify EVERYTHING stated above, click the link below… REFER to SECTION 19 in the ACT.


Unbeknown to you and yours AGAIN, the Alberta Government has most likely pressured your local town council, County council or city council to implement this Emergency Framework into your LOCAL Bylaws without your knowledge or consent. This then grants your Local Government the right to implement ALL of the crazy powers listed above which is likely why none of us have heard of this until NOW!

Recently, down in Southwest of Alberta, 300 + residents were made aware of this Tyrannical legislation and became outraged that ANY government would dare to infringe upon their Rights and Freedoms in this way. After heated debate, the Cardston County council decided to scrap the Bylaw ON THE SPOT without further review. Unfortunately, the power to enforce this remains at the top…. The Alberta Government. If you are against this sort of NAZI style/ communist approach to government and authority control….


Write your response of opposition. Send to all the media, and the official opposition party members of the Alberta Government. We NEED to let them know, we are against this horrible legislation and we don’t live in RED COMMUNIST CHINA and THEY NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! This goes hand in hand with the Nazi Style “Land USE” legislation. More of the same!

If you wish to forward this email to others and we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do, simply FORWARD the email you originally received AFTER you have sent the first one mentioned above.

If they are doing this in Alberta, they are trying to do this in every province!

Attached is a copy of the March 14 Lethbridge Herald Article regarding Cardston County Bylaw #562 that was scraped in front of hundreds of angry people.

If you wish, you can also watch the Global Television News Coverage that took place by clicking the link below.


For those of us on Facebook and Twitter…. Lets make this insane violation against us as HUMANs go viral…. Lets get the word out there and bring this horrific legislation Down!!!

The Road to Tyranny has always been paved with good intentions!!

For those of you who wish to contact the media NOT listed in the emails to further address your concerns… Here is their contact information:
CBC Calgary
News tips:
(403) 521-6340
Radio: (403) 521-6222
FAX: (403) 521-6262
TV: (403) 521-6055
FAX: (403) 521-6079
Global Television Calgary ( ASK FOR NEWS ROOM in Calgary, Edmonton or Lethbridge)
Toll-free phone 1-877-307-1999
QR 77 NEWSROOM – (403) 262 – 6397

Ken Campbell


780 352 4376

Bob Layton: bob.laytonent@corus.com


Taken from:

Yes Woman

By Richard McBride

Any one who thinks this judgment hyperbolic is invited to read Colby Cosh’s December 13, 2011, interview of Redford in Maclean’s (http://bit.ly/u6KYM1). It’s safe to say that if she had given this interview before the Progressive Conservative leadership vote, her chances of becoming leader would have been greatly reduced. It was common knowledge that Redford was a protégé of Joe Clark and had for several decades travelled the world instructing third world peoples.

What’s new in Cosh’s interview is the revelation that Redford was so enamored o the terrorist African National Congress that in 1995 she applied for South African citizenship. Poor Michael Ignatieff was pilloried for the decades he lived outside Canada, but he never applied for British or American citizenship. After her citizenship bid was rejected, Redford returned to Calgary and practiced family law. But she “didn’t like” it. Why not? “I’d come out of a South African tradition, which involved mediation, intraspace bargaining, all that kind of stuff. It was the beginning of the ‘getting to yes’ model of the world. And I came back to Canada and practiced family law, and saw a criminal law that was completely litigious and adversarial.”

To any one who knows anything about South Africa, this statement is bizarre, if not deranged. Under the African National Congress, South Africa has become a gangster kleptocracy. It has become the rape and murder capital of the world and is pursuing a policy of genocide against its whites.

“Mother of the nation” Winnie Mandela, ex-wife of the sainted Nelson, remains a member of the ANC’s National Executive Committee. She is a convicted thief and kidnapper and almost certainly a serial murderer. She is famed for her declaration, “With our boxes of matches and our necklaces we shall liberate this country.” If you take a man and put a necklace (a tire soaked in gasoline) on him and then brandish a pack of matches be fore him, he will almost certainly agree to any thing you suggest. I what Redford means by “getting to yes”?

I’m sure Redford is familiar with the case of Amy Biehl. In 1993, this foolish American “anti-Apartheid activist” was dragged from her car and beaten to death by a mob of blacks. The four men convicted of her murder were pardoned in 1998. Biehl’s father, an even greater fool than his daughter, shook the hands of her killers, and said, “The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue…we are here to reconcile a human life which was taken with out an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms.” Is this what Redford means by “getting to yes”?

How on earth did this woman become Premier of Alberta? The Progressive Conservatives have only themselves to blame.



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